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Mission to Global Studies International Consultancy was founded with the goal of establishing and providing ethical and long-term advisory services to prospective students who want to pursue their education abroad. Furthermore, we offer thorough information and advisory services to our students to help them realize their study abroad goals.

Education consulting is a fast-paced and ever-changing field. As a result of this situation, our Consultancy team aspires to be critical in offering guidance and assistance with the admissions and visa process. Furthermore, we intend to discover and implement student exchange programs in both directions, such as recruiting Nepalese students to international educational institutions and international students to national educational institutions. In addition, we aim to provide other services in the future, such as education program facilitation and requirements analysis.

As educational consultants, our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have worked in this industry for many years and are well versed in current market conditions and visa policies in different countries. We work around the clock and are trustworthy, friendly, flexible, patient, and persuasive when dealing with students and educational institutions. We are self-assured, disciplined, hopeful, and dedicated to achieving worldwide educational services.


To provide students and educational institutions with complete information guidelines and help make their study abroad plans a success. Our team members have maintained ethical practices in a highly competitive industry, generating professional values for all stakeholders, including students and educational institutions. Mission to Global Studies International Consultancy is a fantastic place to work and process because we are more varied, driven, and disciplined in ethical conduct when we work together. Have a strong desire for excellence. Provide services that go above and beyond expectations. 


To be the first choice and a successful worldwide organization for students who choose to study abroad and to be a reputable educational consulting firm that provides above-and-beyond services.


  1. Building networks between students and universities/colleges to fulfil their needs

  2. Providing high-quality language and exam preparation. 

  3. To provide information to students who have opted to study abroad through various programs to avoid incorrect details on the respective universities and schools.

  4. To carry out the programs in partnership with representatives from several worldwide educational institutes knowledgeable about the most recent educational policies, rules, and laws.

  5. To defend students' interests and prevent them from being misled. 

  6. To retain professionalism through ethical consultation services.